Is it hard to get job in UK?

Finding Part-time Jobs in the UK

If you are a student from another country and this is your first time studying outside of your home country, finding a job in the United Kingdom might be difficult. However, if you have access to the appropriate tools and assistance, as well as if you know where to seek and what to look for, finding the job of your dreams is not all that tough.

It is possible for Indian students to find employment in the United Kingdom on a part-time basis while they are studying there, as well as serve as interns or volunteers with potential businesses, and then hunt for a full-time career later on when they have graduated. However, prior to working or looking for employment in the United Kingdom, it is essential for you to get familiar with the work permit and visa rules of the country, as well as the job-hunting tools and employability and career services that are made accessible to foreign students.

Jobs Available Only Part-Time in the UK

Working a part-time job while you study in the United Kingdom is an excellent way to improve your skills, earn some extra money, gain valuable industry experience, boost your CV, and impress potential employers. If you are studying in the UK, working a part-time job is an excellent way to develop your skills.

Register with recruiting agencies that have a good reputation and are registered.

Investigate the career assistance services offered by the universities.

You need to be able to efficiently manage your time in order to strike a good balance between your career and your studies.

Having a job on the side is an excellent method to network with potential employers as well as establish new acquaintances.

Think long and hard about how much time you want to spend working before you get a part-time job so that your academic performance doesn't suffer as a result. It is advised that students work a total of 15 hours each week.

Maintain your organization, and in light of the fact that earning a degree from the institution should be your primary goal, present all of your work on time.

Make sure that your job hours don't interfere with any of your classes.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to socialize, eat healthfully, and get adequate sleep.

Help in Finding Work and Furthering Your Career in the United Kingdom

Students in need of employment, internships, or part-time work possibilities may seek assistance from the employability and career support services offered by any of the universities in the United Kingdom. Students are given the necessary guidance to prepare for job interviews, make their CV influential, look for the right jobs, develop transferable skills, and get valuable career advice as part of the university career support program. In addition to placement support services, this program also provides students with valuable career advice.

The majority of students in the United Kingdom find work or continue their studies within six months of graduating from one of the country's institutions, which contributes to the nation's high graduate employability rate. Students who are interested in finding relevant employment in the UK while they are studying and after graduation might get assistance through graduate programmes and sponsorships offered by UK institutions. These universities have strong industry linkages.

Work while you learn with opportunities such as internships and degree apprenticeships in the UK

You may also get paid work experience in the UK by participating in an internship or an apprenticeship program leading up to a degree.


Not only may an internship help you get the much-required practical experience, but it can also provide you with the opportunity to learn new things on the job and to grow your network and contacts.

You may get a better idea of whether or not an organization or a certain employment position is ideal for you by participating in an internship, which also goes a long way toward assisting you in finding the perfect career once you graduate.

Internships serve as a trial run for employment duties and potential career paths, regardless of whether or not the participant is compensated for their time there.

Internships normally run for a period of time ranging from four to twelve weeks, and they may be found in the form of summer internships as well as other short-term internship programs that are offered by big organizations throughout the year.

Apprenticeships Leading to a Degree

Students may earn a complete bachelor's or master's degree as part of their apprenticeship by participating in a degree apprenticeship program, which mixes working with studying part-time at a university. Degree apprenticeships are a kind of program that are provided by universities.

Employers, educational institutions, and organizations representing professionals collaborate on the design and implementation of these programs.

The completion of degree apprenticeship programs designed for working professionals and made available by universities in the UK may take anywhere from three to six years.

Regulations Regarding Work Permits and Visas in the United Kingdom

Work Permit on Student Visa

Those who possess a Tier 4 UK Student Visa are permitted to work part-time in the UK if they meet all of the following conditions:

During the academic year, students enrolled in degree programs or higher are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week in employment that may be paid or unpaid.

During school breaks, students are permitted to work full-time for a maximum of 40 hours a week.

Those who are enrolled in classes at language centers are permitted to have employment for a maximum of ten hours per week, regardless of whether they are paid or unpaid.

Students from India are eligible for post-study work visas and a graduate immigration route.

Students from India who are enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program in the United Kingdom will be eligible for post-study work visa benefits beginning in 2021, as part of the new Graduate Immigration Route for international students studying in the United Kingdom. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

Students are required to be enrolled in either an undergraduate or postgraduate program at a higher education establishment in the United Kingdom that has been granted approval.

Following the end of the program, overseas students have the opportunity to continue their search for employment in the United Kingdom for a period of up to two years.

Under the new Graduate Immigration Route, there is no need that applicants have a certain minimum annual income in order to get a work visa.

Students with doctoral degrees in STEM fields may be eligible for a visa extension of up to three years after graduation.

Potential Earnings, as well as Salaries for Graduates

University students in the United Kingdom have excellent graduation prospects and employment options in the country due to the fact that the labor market there is one of the most competitive and sophisticated in the world.

According to a survey by High Fliers, the median graduate beginning salary in the United Kingdom for the year 2020 are anticipated to be close to thirty thousand pounds. Banking, computing and information technology, accounting, buying and merchandising, human resources, language, and engineering are some examples of fields that have greater prospective earnings.


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