Is UK good for finance jobs?

5 reasons to work in finance in london.

Is UK good for finance jobsAccounting and Finance job

It is beneficial to include the word "London" on a resume for potential future employment prospects. The employment market in the capital of the United Kingdom is very competitive, which means that finding a job and making advancement via hard work and promotion will undoubtedly result in considerable benefits. This is particularly the case inside the financial industry.

More than one million individuals have jobs in the United Kingdom's financial services sector, which accounts for a significant component of the economy (almost 5.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product) and employs more than that number of people. It seems to reason that the city of London would be home to the lion's share of the financial services sector in the United Kingdom. The nation's capital has a long history of significance as a commercial and financial hub, and its location, midway between New York City in the west and Asia in the east, makes it ideally suited to serve as a pivotal node in the international financial system.

The ubiquity of the English language, a robust economy, and a legal and political basis that fosters high levels of international commerce all combine to make London a great place to operate in finance due to the fact that it is an optimal location for doing so.

Do you need any more encouragement to pursue a career in the financial industry in London? The following are the top five reasons why London is the place to look for job in the accounting, finance, and insurance industries.

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1. Big corporations.

Nearly all of the top international banks and brokerage houses have established a presence in the City, which has earned it the reputation of being one of the greatest towns in Europe in which to situate a firm in the financial, banking, or insurance industries. Accenture, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, and PricewaterhouseCoopers are just a few examples of the prominent brands in finance that call London home.

Access to advice, guidance, and job opportunities is a reality for professionals who are looking for their next situation. Recruitment firms of the calibre of Randstad Financial and Professional have an interest in also placing talented staff in the right positions in the City, which means that access to advice, guidance, and job opportunities is possible.

2. The apex of the global financial industry

London is regarded as the most important city for international finance, surpassing even New York City in this regard. The City is home to a broad array of multinational financial institutions, banks, and enterprises that are focused on finance; as a result, it has a significant concentration of resources and skill in a very small and centralized place. London is destined to continue at the top of the global financial industry for many years to come due to its advantageous location, which places it between New York and the East Coast of the United States as well as the rapidly expanding financial centers of the East.

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3. An very busy schedule.

The concomitant increase in the amount of capital that is made accessible to enterprises coincides with the proliferation of financial institutions and banks. In recent years, a large number of enterprises, including new ventures, have either moved their operations to London, begun operations there, or created new branches in and around the City. Due to the flood of customers that their transfer would bring, financial institutions, accounting firms, and insurance companies should expect an increase in business activity.

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4. Expanding.

London continues to have the greatest reservoir of banking and finance talent in the world, despite the fact that it was affected by the global crisis in the same way that every other major financial center was. The previous few years have been difficult for many investment banks, but these banks have rebounded and are again recruiting at an incredible pace. Large corporations are working hard to build up their banking teams and reload their trading floors with new employees.

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5. The legislative process

It may sound like another opportunity to produce reams of red tape, but the changes that are afoot in the City as a response to legislation from parliament that is designed to provide a more robust regulatory framework means that major institutions are looking to expand their teams. This may sound like another opportunity to produce reams of red tape.


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