How you get Awesome Jobs

How you get Awesome Jobs

How you get Awesome JobsHow you get Awesome Jobs

1. Make Your Way There

First and foremost, is your résumé up to date? If not, here's how to get it done quickly. If you answered yes, share it with your network to boost your chances of earning a recommendation.

What about your social media accounts? Is it glitzy and NSFW? Have you considered creating a personal website? Spend some time creating one if you haven't already.

In addition to maintaining your social media channels, you should create an attention-grabbing LinkedIn profile that highlights your experiences and achievements.

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2. Determine Which Headhunter Agency Is Best for You

Asking friends who they've worked with in the past, your career coach (if you have one), HR professionals in your network for a reference (they frequently collaborate with agencies), or searching for'recruiters' or'recruiting agencies' on LinkedIn or Google are all good places to start.

Check out agency websites for more information on if they can assist you. Because recruiting firms are not one-size-fits-all, begin by investigating the areas in which the agency specializes.

Then consider their geographic reach. Some are national in scope, while others are regional or even local in scope. Finally, look at the levels at which they normally put applicants (i.e., temp, full-time, entry-level, director level).

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3. Put your name and goals in the spotlight.

Be bold and call out after you've chosen the agency that suits your industry, area, and level. Because recruiters are quite active on LinkedIn, their profiles should be well-developed, which means you should study who you're working with.

You may send a LinkedIn message or an email (the email address is generally listed on the agency's website). Another alternative to be aware of is that many agencies include a section where job searchers may post their CV for consideration. This step automatically enrolls you in the company's candidate management system for future chances.

You may also reach out to us via phone. Although most sectors ban unsolicited calls, "hitting the phones" is a recruitment industry practice, and calls are allowed and even encouraged in this case. Whatever strategy you use, make sure you can emphasize previous experiences and successes while also stating what you're seeking for next.

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4. Follow-up as if it were your job

Set a calendar reminder to check up with the headhunter on a frequent basis. If you're being evaluated for a job and the process seems to be dragging, or if you're waiting for the next opportunity that could match your profile, don't be hesitant to call out and respectfully request an update.

A recruiter may be dealing with hundreds of applicants scattered across a variety of jobs that need to be filled, and your objective is to avoid being lost in the shuffle. One tip I have is to be generous with oneself.

If they are having difficulty filling jobs outside of your area of interest or skill level, propose persons in your network to them. This will make you a mutually useful asset, increasing the possibility that your name will be remembered when a job that matches your credentials becomes available.

Remember not to take things personally as you get more comfortable including headhunters into your job-search strategy. Understand that this is simply one aspect of your approach; don't make it the only thing you do and expect everything to fall into place. Consider it a wonderful tool that will help you come one step closer to securing your ideal job.


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