How to Look for Work During a Pandemic

How to Look for Work During a Pandemic

If you are a recent graduate, here are some pointers to assist you get your first job during the epidemic.

1. Create a Resume

How to Look for Work During a PandemicCreate a Resume

The first step in obtaining a desired job is to create a solid resume. This might be a difficult undertaking, particularly for newcomers.

To make your life easier, we suggest reading these articles on how to write a fantastic CV.

Important Resume Tips for New Graduates

Examples of Naukri Resume Headlines

Freshers' Profile Summary

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2. Compose a Cover Letter

How to Look for Work During a PandemicCompose a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a vital tool to have while looking for work.

Attaching a cover letter to your resume boosts your chances of being selected for an interview.

A resume provides concise information about a candidate's educational credentials, successes, objectives, and so on, however a cover letter contains all other things that an employer should be aware of.

An ideal cover letter provides a concise overview of a candidate's overall professional ardour.

Spend time putting up an appealing and comprehensive cover letter.

Make careful to provide an employer as much information as possible in a few phrases. Your goal, objective, talents, and experience (if any) should be properly communicated to an employer.

Applying for a job without a cover letter during the Covid 19 outbreak is like to walking out without a mask.

It is strongly discouraged!

3. Find People Who Can Assist

Make a list of persons in your professional network and determine who can assist you. Contact your college, high school, or pals' seniors.

A solid reference may be quite important in these times, particularly when applying for your first job.

Getting a job during a pandemic might be lot easier if efficient leads can be offered by many individuals in your network.

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4. Utilize the Naukri Job Portal

For more than two decades, has been a prominent employment platform, giving jobs to millions of job seekers.

Using the platform for your job hunt increases your chances of finding work during a pandemic by tenfold.

Update your CV on Naukri and apply to organizations that accept fresher applications.

Apply for jobs actively on and maintain your profile up to date. Set job suggestions to get updates about opportunities that fit your profile.

5. Develop New Skills

How to Look for Work During a PandemicDevelop New Skills

The competition for every job opportunity is tremendous. To fit effectively inside the framework of the organizations they apply for, every job seeker should be well versed in a range of talents.

Every day, the worldwide pandemic has presented us with a great chance to acquire new things and talents.

If you are a recent graduate, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to mix and match numerous professional abilities.

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6. Be open to internships and freelancing opportunities.

Finding work during a pandemic may require job searchers to change their tastes in order to fit in with a company.

Be open to internship chances or freelance assignments; this will help you build your CV.

Internships and freelancing projects provide valuable experience that may be used to future job searches.

7. Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, the whole globe is on social media sites. Social networking networks may be utilized to connect with professionals you know directly or via common relationships.

Reach out to individuals on different social media platforms and make sure that shared connections may help you get work on social media.

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8. Conduct Mock Interviews

As a newcomer, you must realize the significance of making a good first impression during an interview.

Practice fake interviews with individuals in your preferred career and get feedback.

For better outcomes, prioritize constructive input and assure implementation.


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