How long does it take to get a job UK?

How Long It Takes to Go Through the Interview Process & Find a Job?

It might seem like an eternity between interviews when you're looking for a job that you truly want. You probably wouldn't be able to tell whether or not your interview experience was slower than average, faster than average, or about the same as other people's experiences. This is because it may be pretty difficult to gain an objective sense of how long it is really taking. The good news is that here on Glassdoor, we have more than 50 million evaluations and insights that provide a one-of-a-kind look into the process of job hunting, including interviews.

Our Glassdoor Economics team recently crunched the numbers to find out exactly how long it takes to interview on average as well as in specific industries and companies. Here is what we found after conducting this research, which we hope will shed some light on the often mysterious interview process.

The typical length of an interview

When researching this topic as a whole, the Econ team came to the conclusion that job applicants in the UK spend an average of 27 days participating in the interview process. Taking into account the fact that individuals switch occupations an average of six times in their lives, this results in an individual spending more than five months (162 days) participating in interview procedures during the course of their working life. Obviously, this varies greatly depending on a variety of things including the business sector in which you operate.

After conducting research across a wide range of business sectors, the economics team at Glassdoor discovered that candidates seeking positions in the consulting industry had to endure the most extensive interview process, which lasted an average of 55 days. After finishing in second place with 49 days, the travel and tourist industry was closely followed by investment banking with 45 days. Those who are acquainted with the rigorous and multi-step interview procedures that are common in these industries generally won't find this to be a huge surprise.

Organizations in the tourism and investment banking industries are also represented, confirming what we saw mirrored in the graph that came before it. Two of the companies with the longest interview time are Big Four consulting firms.

The Excellent News

Even while the prospect of participating in a long interview process could make you feel uneasy, there is a good chance that it will really work out to your advantage.

According to Glassdoor Community Expert Jo Cresswell, "On an industry level, interview duration correlates with interview difficulty, indicating that job seekers are being put through the paces in the longer recruitment drives." "On an industry level, interview duration correlates with interview difficulty," According to the findings of prior studies, more challenging job interviews are statistically associated with better levels of employee satisfaction. As a result, "this is ultimately a beneficial thing for job searchers."

It seems to reason that the more time spent interviewing with a firm, the more information one obtains on the culture of the company, the individuals with whom one would possibly be working, and the nature of the job itself. Candidates that continue to compete after such a long period of time, rather than withdrawing their applications at an earlier stage, are more likely to be excellent fits for the role.

The Key Point(s)

You should educate yourself on the company regardless of how long it takes for the interview procedure to be completed since it is really important. Look up some of the fundamentals about the company, such as the industry it operates in, its competitors, and the names of its founders, as well as recent news and events involving the company. Demonstrating that you've done your research on any of these subjects will demonstrate to your interviewer that you're serious about the position, which is sure to impress them. Make sure to explore some of the less tangible aspects of the firm as well, such as its culture, purpose, and values, in addition to the more tangible information that are available. You may discover more about a firm by visiting their job website, following them on social media, or doing plain old-fashioned searches, in addition to reading the company's profile on Glassdoor.

The interview process may be a headache, particularly when it's a lengthy and drawn-out procedure, but keep in mind that in the end, this will help you determine whether or not the job and organization are a good fit for you. And if you are able to set aside enough time to adequately prepare yourself before the interview, you could even discover that you look forward to the process.


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