How long does it take to find a job in London?

Job Hunting in London: When is the Best Time?

For many people, looking for work in London may as well be an impossible endeavor. Finding work is a stressful and time-consuming process that involves submitting applications and participating in interviews. But did you know that there are certain periods of the year that would give you a higher chance of securing a job with the firm that you want to work for? Have a look at our hints down below! Looking for a place to live in the London area?

The schedule for submitting an application for a job.

The process of looking for a new work may take anywhere from two weeks to a month or more, depending on the field you are interested in and the position you are applying for. If you are searching for a job in an office, you will probably have to go through a series of interviews, starting with human resources (HR), then submitting an assignment, and then having a conversation with the person in charge of recruiting. You could be requested to participate in a second interview with the CEO, however this decision will be based on the size of the firm.

When is the most optimal time to submit an application for a job?

The timing of your job applications should be determined by the sector that you want to work in. First, we'll separate it into positions in the retail sector and office work.

September and October are the months for retail.

The retail industry is known for having a very high turnover rate, particularly in London. It is recommended to be employed on a Christmas temporary contract if you are trying to increase your chances of landing the job you are searching for. One of the busiest times of year in London, Christmas is one of the times when companies start preparing for the rush months in advance.

A Christmas temp employment often has a seasonal term that spans around three months, from November through February. In most cases, the retail company will provide the opportunity for advancement into a permanent job to a select number of its seasonal workers.

Typically, job openings for temporary work during the Christmas season begin to be posted in September. To apply for a position with the firm that is not seasonal, you will need to look for openings on the company's website or submit your application in person.

The time needed to attract new employees for an office setting is a little bit different. The majority of businesses will have returned from their holidays by the second week of January. As a result of having a clearer picture of their financial situation and the fact that they are required to reach Q1 objectives, hiring managers will be more engaged in the process of finding qualified candidates.

It is possible for this momentum to continue all the way up to summer. During the summer months, things are more likely to be hit or miss, and it is probable that you will have to wait longer to hear back about your job application and its subsequent stages. Reason? The vast majority of managers either take vacations or keep themselves occupied with other responsibilities while other employees are out on vacation.

The months of September and October are often considered to be among the strongest months for the recruiting process. After returning from vacation, the majority of managers quickly get back into their routines. And even if you are too late to secure a job in an office, there is still a chance for you to ride the wave of temporary gigs in the retail business!

Finding work in London requires a lot of time and patience, in addition to making a lot of phone calls. And when we say "a lot of calls," we really mean it. The competition is fierce, and the decisions to reject are sometimes surprising. If this is your first time searching for work, our advice to you is to send in your resume to as many different locations as you possibly can. Not only will this increase the number of options available to you, but it will also offer you the chance to get some valuable experience.

But that's just a tip from us; what have your own experiences been like while looking for work in London? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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