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Nobody loves to be ordinary. Not you. Not me. Not even the money you get paid.

According to the findings of the National Compensation Survey, the median annual wage in the United States of America is $56,310. When converted to an hourly rate, it amounts to $27. Therefore, if you want to be considered above average, you need to have an hourly wage that is more than $28. Why not go above and above and discover a job that pays $30 more an hour than the typical compensation for an equivalent position?

We have produced a list of the top 30 occupations that pay between $30 and $39 per hour, with yearly salaries ranging from a respectable $62,400 to $81,120. Have a look and compare your income to the average of the following:

1. Buying representatives and customers

You should shop around to get the cheapest prices on the necessities you need.

Pay rate per hour: $30.02

Annual salary: $62,450*

2. Multimedia artists & animators

Produce visual effects, animation, and other types of visual imagery.

Pay rate per hour: $30.20

Annual salary: $62,810

3. Those in charge of loans

Examine commercial, real estate, and credit loans, and either permit their approval or propose that they be approved.

Pay rate per hour: $30.39

Annual salary: $63,210

4. Arbitrators, mediators and conciliators

Make suggestions for alternate methods of conflict resolution that may be used to resolve issues outside of court (less formal than a court trial).

Pay rate per hour: $30.41

Annual salary: $63,250

5. Insurance underwriters

Examine the applications for insurance coverage, and depending on the level of danger involved, either provide coverage or deny coverage.

Pay rate per hour: $30.45

Annual salary: $63,330

6. Diagnostic medical sonographers

Carry out the ultrasounds that patients' ordering physicians have requested.

Pay rate per hour: $30.60

Annual salary: $63,640

7. Film and video editors

Soundtracks, films, and videos for moving pictures should all be edited.

Pay rate per hour: $30.62

Annual salary: $63,680

8. experts in the food industry

Conduct research on the make-up and characteristics of food.

Pay rate per hour: $30.95

Annual salary: $64,370

9.Animal scientists

Investigate the life cycles and other biological concerns that are associated with agricultural animals.

Pay rate per hour: $31.02

Annual salary: $64,510


Scripts, magazines, novels, websites, and other types of media might all benefit from your writing skills.

Pay rate per hour: $31.04

Annual salary: $64,560

11.Planners of urban and regional areas

Develop strategies for making use of the land and physical facilities in the various municipalities, including cities, counties, and metropolitan regions.

Pay rate per hour: $31.10

Annual salary: $64,680

12. Landscape designers and planners

Areas for upcoming landscaping improvements will need careful planning and design.

Pay rate per hour: $31.69

Annual salary: $65,910


Provide financial guidance by referring to accounting records as needed.

Pay rate per hour: $32.42

Annual salary: $71,500

14. Analysts that do market research

Based on the research that a company does in various markets, arrive at an estimate of the business potential that can be achieved via its marketing and promotional activities.

The hourly pay is 32.45 dollars.

Annual salary: $93,000

15. Dental hygienists

Thoroughly clean a patient's teeth and check their mouth, head, and neck for any indications of oral illness.

Pay rate per hour: $32.63

Annual salary: $67,860

16. a specialist in speech-language pathology

Help those who are unable to communicate effectively due to hearing loss, physical problems, or linguistic obstacles.

Pay rate per hour: $32.86

Annual salary: $75,000

17. Those who work in the field of nuclear medicine

Perform duties involving the use of radioactive materials and equipment, which are both typical aspects of nuclear medicine.

The hourly pay is 32.91 dollars.

Annual salary: $80,500

18.Budget analysts

To ensure that expenditure is kept under control, it is important to review budget forecasts as well as budgeting and accounting reports.

Pay rate per hour: $33.29

Annual salary: $98,000

19. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Create rehabilitation programs to assist persons with disabilities in gaining their freedom.

Pay rate per hour: $33.98

Annual salary: $75,680

20. Geographicians

Learn about the Earth and all it has to offer, including its people, places, and things.

The hourly pay is 34.33 dollars.

Annual salary: $71,420

21. Psychologists who work in schools

Assess and treat mental health conditions, including learning difficulties, as well as cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues.

Pay rate per hour: $34.77

Annual salary: $72,310

22. designers in the fashion industry

Construct articles of apparel and accessories, such as shoes, garments, jewelry, and other items.

Hourly pay of $35.78 dollars

Annual salary: $74,410

23. Analysts in the field of operations research

In this report, we will use engineering and other scientific methodologies to investigate management and operational difficulties.

Pay rate per hour: $36.23

Annual salary: $90,000

24. Sociologists

Research human society as well as human behavior in society.

Pay rate per hour: $36.63

Annual salary: $76,190

25. physiotherapists and chiropractors

The patients' health should be improved via the development of rehabilitation programs.

Pay rate per hour: $36.64

Annual salary: $76,220

26. Builders and Builders

Create residences, commercial spaces, and other types of buildings for a variety of customers.

Pay rate per hour: $37.93

Annual salary: $78,880

27. Administrators in the educational system

Supervise and coordinate the day-to-day activities of educational establishments.

Pay rate per hour: $38.53

Annual salary: $80,140

28. Environmental engineers

Investigate the issues facing the environment and come up with solutions to these issues that both governments and the general public can put into action.

Pay rate per hour: $38.82

Annual salary: $80,750

29. Civil engineers

Bridges, dams, and airports are examples of the types of large-scale public works that need to be designed and supervised throughout construction.

The hourly pay is 39.03 dollars.

Annual salary: $81,180

30. scientists who work with materials

Conduct research and studies on the atomic and molecular structures, as well as the chemical make-up, of a variety of natural and man-made materials.

Pay rate per hour: $39.59

Annual salary: $82,350

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