Get extra degree funding - UK / USA / Canada and more

Find scholarships, grants, bursaries for university and more by searching our website. Millions of pounds worth of free money available. Don’t miss out!

Get extra degree funding - UK / USA / Canada and more
Find scholarships, grants, bursaries for university and more by searching our website. Millions of pounds worth of free money available. Don’t miss out!

Apply for a scholarship -Tips from the Experts

Understanding how to apply for a scholarship might increase your chances of success greatly. Not all scholarships, grants, and bursaries require an active application. When you apply to the institutions concerned, you will be immediately considered for those you are qualified for, but this is not always the case, and you will frequently need to apply, so make sure you check once you know where you will be studying.

There are also numerous grants, bursaries, and scholarships available via other organisations that you may apply for; however, you will not be automatically entered because they will not know about you if you do not apply!

Which Scholarships can you apply for?

This is when your research comes into play and will help you succeed. If you just consider the course you are taking and the university you are attending, you will certainly overlook scholarships that you may apply for. It takes time and effort to do research, and it is critical to understand the many sorts of financing options available so that you can determine if you are eligible for any of them.

Our database includes the big educational trusts, but there are also a slew of others that give donations for specialised causes. Here are several examples:

  • Where you reside, what your parents or other relatives do for a job, any diseases or impairments you may have, any specific interests, activities, or hobbies you may have, such as music, sport, theatre, religion, or ethnicity, and whether you are the first in your family to attend university.

Make a list of your qualities, abilities, and personal situations that you believe may qualify you for a grant or scholarship, and then look for programmes that expressly finance kids with your profile.
Once you've decided what kinds of scholarships, grants, and bursaries you want, you can begin your search in our scholarship database. The possibilities mentioned here include all institutions and businesses that are currently providing financing to UK students. You can search depending on your university preferences, the disciplines you want to study, or the selection criteria. So, if you are skilled at sports, why not check for all of the sporting scholarships? One of them may be so amazing that you will want to apply to that particular university.

We also discuss several educational trusts with more general eligibility requirements, but there are hundreds of grant giving trusts in the UK, each with their own set of criteria, and you may be eligible for some of them. If you want to have access to these trusts, learn how with our Premium Membership Benefits. Alternatively, The Educational Grants Directory, which is normally available in bigger reference libraries, contains information on all of these.

Scholarship Application

Understanding why organisations are granting funds is critical to completing the application correctly.Companies, charities, trusts, and professional organisations all have unique goals. They may be doing it for charity reasons or to attract graduates interested in a certain professional path. Charities may have extremely narrow charity purposes, such as assisting students from a certain location or background.

Making your application relevant will have an impact on its success or failure.

When applying for a university scholarship, grant, or bursary, keep in mind that the awarding body may receive many applications and will be looking for applicants who best fit their eligibility criteria, so the first stage in making scholarship applications is to find the schemes to which you are best suited.

Scholarship application help

A generic application will not work in most circumstances. As you would when applying for a job, you must design your letter or application to fit the exact qualifying criteria given and clearly demonstrate how you satisfy those criteria. Try not to tell a sob tale, but rather demonstrate how driven you are to overcome any personal obstacles, and how having the extra money will help you reach your goals.

If a teacher or someone else who knows you is requested for a reference, make sure each recommendation is also relevant to the specific scholarships you can apply for.

Learn more about our Free Membership Benefits to receive a full copy of our "Step by Step Guide to Finding Scholarships," as well as more tools and resources.

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