9 Career Change Options for People Over 40

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40

1. Medical clerical assistant

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Medical clerical assistant

Annual salary in the United States: $34,735

Primary responsibilities: A medical administrative assistant is often known as a health care administration assistant or a medical secretary. Because this position focuses on office and customer service rather than clinical practice, they must be efficient, organized, and professional. They are in charge of scheduling appointments, dealing with medical reports, preparing medical records, and billing.

Because specialist language is required, some medical expertise is advantageous in this profession, but it is a terrific choice for someone who is organized and has time management skills. Entry-level employment often need just a high school education, although there are vocational courses available to help you obtain relevant skills.

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2. Events organizer

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Events organizer

The national average annual wage is $40,509

Primary responsibilities: If you like dealing with people and have outstanding time management and organizational abilities, event organizing may be the perfect job for you. A degree or other credentials in hospitality, public relations, or any other similar subject would aid your application, although they are not always required.

Budgets, contracts, and staff management are all responsibilities of event planners. Those with expertise managing supplier and client relationships, as well as those who can multitask and create professional networks, will have an edge in the event planning industry.

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3. Patient care assistant

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Patient care assistant

The average annual wage in the United States is $43,562.

Primary responsibilities: If you wish to work in health care hands-on, patient care technicians play an important part in front-line treatment in a range of medical settings. Patient care technicians help physicians and registered nurses with patient exams and treatment, collect samples, enter information on patients' files, and communicate with patients and their families about their care plans.

Many patient care technician positions do not need any prior experience, but there is room for advancement for anybody who pursues suitable certifications. If you're thinking about changing careers because you want to do something meaningful, this is a viable alternative with high work satisfaction.

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4. Translator

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Translator

The average annual wage in the United States is $45,732.

Primary responsibilities: Translating may be a very diverse vocation if you know more than one language. A translator's major task is to discern the meaning of material written in one language, such as English, and transform the ideas and facts into another. An interpreter's employment is similar to that of a translator, but their function is to translate vocal information, frequently enabling both sides of a discussion while retaining the tone and message stated between two parties.

Businesses in numerous sectors and throughout worldwide marketplaces employ translation services, which may lead to a broad range of possibilities. To become a translator, you must be fluent in each language you plan to translate. A translator would benefit from cultural understanding, a specific degree or qualification, and any language experience.

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5. SEO 

 9 Career Change Options for People Over 40SEO

The national average annual wage is $52,028.

Primary responsibilities: 

  • SEO (search engine optimization) is the technique of improving a website's search engine rankings via careful coding and content curation. It has become an important marketing approach, so if you have expertise in marketing or website design, being an SEO professional might be a simple career change for you.
  • There are no organized digital marketing degree programs since SEO is such a quickly changing profession. To stay up with the ever-changing alterations of search engine algorithms, on-the-job training, webinars, digital marketing certifications, and online training courses are advised.

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6. Dental assistant 

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Dental assistant

National average annual salary: $60,464

Primary responsibilities: With an associate degree or a high school diploma, you may begin working as an entry-level dental assistant. Speaking with patients, preparing instruments and equipment for dental treatments, and aiding with X-rays are all part of the job.

Keeping patients' records up to date and scheduling visits necessitates a large amount of regular administrative labor. Dental assistants often engage in training programs to get certified in the methods and abilities needed to help with dental treatments, X-rays, and patient assessments.

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7.Manager of Human Resources

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Manager of Human Resources

The national average annual wage is $69,310.

Primary responsibilities: A human resources manager is in charge of all parts of the employee life cycle, including recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, and terminations. They serve as a bridge between high management and their staff, ensuring that business rules and legal obligations are followed.

A degree in human resources is often required, however there are several online programs that may help prepare you for a job in HR. If you have administrative or team leadership experience, you already have some of the most crucial abilities necessary for a career in human resources.

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8. Web developer:

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Web developer

The national average annual wage is $74,960

Primary responsibilities: Web developers are in charge of building websites that concentrate on both design and functionality. This need a combination of technical and artistic abilities. If you have previous expertise in graphic design, you might increase your career prospects by transitioning into web development.

Web development is a flexible sector that allows you to work in-house, at agencies, freelancing, or on fixed-term contracts.

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9. Project manager 

9 Career Change Options for People Over 40Project manager

National average annual salary: $77,643

Primary responsibilities: In this position, experience may be more significant than credentials. Project managers are in charge of managing and organizing all parts of a project, therefore exceptional time management and communication skills, as well as cost management knowledge, are required.

Although a degree in business administration or marketing may be advantageous, prior experience in office management or any job in which you have been responsible for a number of company operations will show many of the essential abilities. There are project managers in practically every business, so it is a job that can take you anywhere.

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