7 Social Media Recruiting Tips

7 Social Media Recruiting Tips for Time-Crunched Recruiters

7 Social Media Recruiting Tips7 Social Media Recruiting Tips

#1: Post frequently

The frequency with which you publish on social media may have an effect on your visibility.

If your target audiences, in this example, the applicants, see more of you, they will be more likely to interact. It also improves your Google searchability and boosts your chances of receiving more interaction. Passive candidates are always on the lookout for social media influencers. When consumers see your postings on a frequent basis, their affection for your business grows. They may apply for your positions when the time comes.

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 #2: Make videos.

7 Social Media Recruiting TipsMake videos

Videos offer a 10x higher user engagement capability than other kinds of content.

If your organization already has a strong brand, you may create films to engage prospective seekers. You may produce films about your company, its culture, and career benefits to pique their interest. To increase interaction, you may also organize Q&A sessions using Live videos. You will have a better chance of doing so since the human brain processes visual material at 60,000 times quicker than text.

#3: Be descriptive.

Because social media is more personal, you may be more explicit about your job postings.

You may go the additional mile by mentioning all of the benefits that the employee will get if hired. Increase engagement on your job postings by using photographs, graphics, and videos. You may also include some remarks regarding your company's culture and workforce diversity to make a favorable effect. Mention your accomplishments as a successful employer all in one post. Use social media to express yourself creatively to the utmost.

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#4: Make use of polls

7 Social Media Recruiting TipsMake use of polls

On social media, polling is quite effective.

You may hold polls on various workplace-related subjects and ask your workers to vote on them. Such surveys provide a true view into the company's culture, values, goal, and vision. They aid in piqueing the attention of prospective prospects. If they find your offerings appealing, they may consider switching. While millennials are drawn to subjects such as work-life balance and flexibility, younger employees will be drawn to wage structure, career prospects, and employer-sponsored initiatives.

#5: Use crowdsourcing for hiring.

Crowdsourcing might expand by 25% in the next years.

Request that your staff share the job postings on their accounts to boost their exposure. You might also conduct a competition and award the person who gets the most interaction on their shares. Crowdsourcing is one of the most successful methods for increasing the exposure of your job postings. And it takes the least amount of time. All your workers have to do is add the job posting in the daily stream of updates on their timelines. Furthermore, your organization will benefit from personal recommendations from your workers.

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#6: Make yourself approachable.

You should not turn away an interested individual who wants to learn more about the organization before applying. Be personable and open in order to answer their questions and respond to their communications. It will improve your employer reputation and expedite the employment process. It is dangerous to underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. If you look arrogant or haughty, even the most eager prospect may back off.

#7: Conduct preliminary research.

Conducting background research on prospects is one of the most effective methods to utilize social media for recruiting talent. While the CV simply contains the most crucial professional facts, social media accounts go much further. By researching their timelines, you may get insight into the candidate's motivation, interests, aspirations, and ambitions. The stuff people upload, the posts they share, and the remarks they write reveal a lot about their personality. It should come before you decide to invite a candidate in for an interview.

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